The Somosomo Strait is rightly world famous for its astonishing variety of soft corals. But you will also encounter a huge array of spectacular reef fish including the blue ribbon eel. Look closer and you‘ll discover all kinds of nudibranch. Look around and come face to face with large groupers, sharks, sea snakes, turtles and manta rays.

Tell us what you want to see and we’ll do our best to take you to it!

The Great White Wall
At the beginning of the dive you swim through a tunnel which has two exits, the first exit at 10 m/30 ft, the second one at 27 m/88 ft. Swimming through this tunnel you come face to face with hundreds of goggle-eye fish. Once you are out of the tunnel, bringing you alongside the wall where the soft corals are found in dense concentrations below 15m/50 ft down to 80 m/240 ft. The soft corals are lavender in colour, but due to the depth we have a result of a pale white glow, giving itself the name "The Great White Wall".

The Small White Wall
Explore a classic coral reef from 8 m/25 ft down to 30 m/100 ft and on the way, under an overhang at 10 m/30 ft stop to enjoy a wall covered in the same white soft corals found on the Great White Wall. Continue on down keeping one eye on the blue for sharks and other large pelagics. Afterwards spend your safety stop surrounded by huge schools of bright blue and gold fusilier fish.

The Ledge
Visitors rate this site, a coral pinnacle beginning at 5 m/15 ft and dropping down to 90 -100 m/270 - 300 ft, second only to the Great White Wall. The big attraction is an overhang alive with different coloured soft corals and home to a pair of lion fish. The friendly golden damselfish and clown fish here will come right up to your mask and look in! The pinnacle abounds with trigger fish and other reef fish of almost every kind. Look beyond the wideband fusiliers hovering all around and again, peer into the blue for passing sharks and schools of tuna.

Jack's Place
This site has something for everyone. A reef rich in unspoilt hard corals at depths from 7 m/20 ft to 25 m/75 ft it also has a small wall, falling away to 45 m/135 ft on which your diveguide will point out moray eels, lion fish and stone fish. At 25 m/75 ft there‘s a white sandy plateau alive with garden eels softly swaying with the currents like blades of grass. You may even discover a white tip reef shark or two taking a nap. Back up top say hello to the palette surgeon fish which is found only on this dive site.

The Fish Factory
This reef is absolutely brimming with tropical fish of every size, shape, pattern and colour. Beginning at 10 -12 m/30 - 35 ft it drops to 60 - 70 m/180 - 210 ft. Along its wall you will meet schools of bannerfish, plus golden damselfish and blue and gold fusiliers in their hundreds. On top of the reef titan triggerfish may be seen biting and moving dead coral to build nests in which to lay their eggs.

Rainbow's End
The main attraction here is soft corals in all the colours of the rainbow. From 7 - 9 m/21 - 28 ft the reef drops down to a white sandy bottom at 20 m/60 ft. The reef is alive with nudibranchs of all kinds, sea anemones, brittle stars and moray eels. There are hundreds of fish species including groupers, big Napoleon wrasse, schools of surgeonfish and many different types of parrot fish. Rainbow’s End is a dream of a dive, and of course it’s not the end at all. This and the other dives we have described are just a start. Join us at Swiss Fiji Divers and see all these and more!


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