PADI = Professional Association of Diving Instructors

This tells you very clearly that PADI is solely a dive training/education association, and has nothing to do with recreational dive trips, there are no standards , but just recommendations. Most people are overlooking this fact.

PADI Dive Center does not necessarily stand for "better service", "higher quality" and "safer diving", the main condition to become a PADI Dive Center or a PADI 5 Star Gold Palm Dive Center is that you pay their fees, and that you do a certain number of certifications per year, which means more money for PADI.

PADI = Put Another Dollar In

In 2003 Dominique Egerter, part-owner and managing director of Swiss Fiji Divers, had a stroke and had never recovered completely. After several check-ups in 2005, Dominique had been announced 100% disabled. That is why he did not renew his teaching status for 2006, and he handed over the full management to his partner, Eva Antonietti. In July 2006 Dominique also resigned his membership with PADI, however PADI Asia Pacific, owned by PADI Worldwide/USA, did not accept it.

In August 2006 PADI Asia Pacific then expelled our dive center and Dominique Egerter.

They accused us with non-compliance of the new material standard (for all dive courses you have to sell the books to the students, you may not rent them out anymore), which came into force at 1 January 2006. This standard has absolutely nothing to do with safety or quality! But it means more money for PADI.

PADI = Put Another Dollar In

PADI was not able at all to prove these allegations against us.

Following the extract from the Instructor Manual re. expulsion:

Expelled Status
PADI Members may be expelled as result of a Quality Assurance decision, when their overall conduct is considered to be harmful to public safety or is deemed detrimental to the dive profession, the PADI organisation and other PADI Members, and resolution is not reasonably possible. A Member who is no longer a PADI Member and cannot represent himself as a PADI Member, teach PADI courses or certify PADI Divers, and does not receive any membership benefits. The name of an expelled member is published in The Undersea Journal and on the PADI website. Examples of action that may result in an expulsion include:

  • Willfully and repeatedly violating PADI Standards and/or compromising the safety of students in training.
  • Wrongfully discrediting the PADI organization, officers, staff, and members.
  • Attempting to deliberately damage the PADI organization and PADI Members' abilities to prove instructional programs or conduct business.

Because the expulsions of Swiss Fiji Divers and Dominique Egerter are absolutely unjustified punishments, our lawyers in the USA are working on the claim against PADI. We shall show and prove the truth about PADI, how PADI employees and PADI Quality Management members are unhonest and are wrongfully acting against PADI members.

Here just one example: Ian Cumming, Regional Manager PADI Asia Pacific, said in front of six witnesses that "every PADI dive instructor is a liar"! The answer from PADI Asia Pacific and PADI Worldwide/USA to our complaint: "...., the committee could find nothing to corroborate this complaint....."

With the way how PADI is just grabbing money, they are indirectly putting divers' life at risk. Again, PADI does not mean quality and safety, it only means

Put Another Dollar In

More and more divers choose other dive training associations for their dive experiences, i.e. NAUI, SSI, TDI/SDI, CMAS and others, all worldwide recognised too. If you like to get more information about these associations, please send us an email.


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